Direct Debit (UAEDDS) is a way to pay regular payments such as rents, school fees, memberships from your current /savings account or credit card.

  • a. It is monthly payments. So, if you are salaried person getting paid monthly, it will help you budget your finances better.
  • b. It is secure as it is regulated by UAE Central Bank.
  • c. Your data is safe.
  • d. You can cancel any time
  • e. No worries about remembering to pay at the right time. The only thing as a payer you need to ensure is to maintain sufficient balance in the account to cover thepayment.
  • f. No need to write post-dated cheques
  • g. No queuing at payment offices, banks, exchange houses or post offices to make the payment.

No, the process initiates from the merchant you intend to pay. The merchant must be on this platform and duly authorized to take payments from you. It’s the merchant who creates the offer for you to pay and then it is up to you to accept the offer on the DD APP

No, you must have both DD and UAEPASS app to digitally sign the DD mandate by accepting your merchant’s offer of payment in installments.

A Direct Debit Authority establishes a legally binding contract between you, in simple terms a failed Direct Debit and bounced cheque have equal weight in eyes of law. If you breach your contract, your merchant can submit to the jurisdiction of the UAE Courts. As the DDA shall be in accordance with and governed by the applicable laws of the UAE including the Federal Law No.(18) of 1993 Commercial Transactions Law. However, the proceedings would be civil not criminal.

Yes, you can. However, it will have legal repercussions. For example, if you are paying rent and you cancel half way through your tenancy, your landlord can demand immediate full payment or, if you fail to keep your end of the deal, can start legal proceedings to recover the full amount and legal expenses.

No, the facility is only available for citizens and residents of UAE. You cannot set up Direct Debit without at least residency status of UAE and/or on a foreign account/credit card.

You will receive a SMS just as soon as an offer is made by your landlord or school on this platform. SMS will contain a link to download DD App. Once you enter into App using UAEPASS you will be able to see the offer. You can then sign and execute.

This platform is hosted on a government owned and managed cloud. What this means for you is your data is in best protected place under government provided firewalls. It is never used for marketing other than notifying and enabling you to transact Direct Debit with your biller. Platform is compliant with Dubai Electronic Security Certificate (DESC) which is one of the best in the world for data security and safety.

You can log a complaint via the app or web portal. Due to your data security, you must log in with your UAEPASS credentials to do that. If you are a joint account holder either one can lodge a complaint.

Your first approach must be to resolve it with the biller. However, if you are not satisfied you can lodge a complaint with Direct Debit Marketplace (as mentioned above). Marketplace will try to resolve it with your merchant on your behalf within 48 hours. If this is still not resolved, we will direct you to the regulator’s link and/or contact for example for schools in Dubai it is KHDA or any rental disputes RDC (Rental Dispute Committee). Your biller should abide by the decision of regulator, in worst case scenario & as a last resort we will direct you to UAE Central Bank complaint portal.

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