What we do

Direct Debit reduces the administrative burden on companies by making payment methods as efficient as possible.

For businesses, we are a platform that enables them to offer flexible monthly payments. It is also part of our strategy to convince businesses, In the long-term giving customers flexibility to pay monthly is better for cash flow. As a business, you will have 41% reduced bounce payment rate. It also helps those businesses with VAT to bill monthly and get paid monthly.

Another practice which is prevalent in UAE of collecting postdated cheques and recording full amount received against PDCs is a deviation from international accounting standards & best practices. Last but not the least, as a participating merchant, you can keep your banking relationship as it is. The marketplace is agnostic to banks & their DD systems.

Our infrastructure is built to process more than AED20bn in transactions a year and we’re proud to be partners with National Bank of Fujairah, UAEPASS, Dubai Pulse & Mohammad Bin Rashid Innovation Fund.

Our recurring payments platform integrates with the applications businesses use every day, giving businesses more visibility over payments and saving them huge amounts of time on tasks like payment reconciliation.

So far, through corporate channels, more than 50,000 tenants can use our application to pay monthly to their respective landlords.

As an organization, we strongly believe diversity is both a strength and opportunity.

We are group of people on a mission to take the pain out of paying bulk payments.

We are firm believers that it’s a win/win for both payer and payee.

The Direct Debit Marketplace offers paperless pull payment services across UAE for businesses and payers