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Pay Monthly.

Direct Debit is a legal, simple and convenient way to make recurring monthly payments; e.g. rent, school fees, subscriptions, utilities & much more.

Why Direct Debit?


We commit to bring you only those merchants who are willing to offer monthly payments. Our special focus will be on Rents & School fees, so you don’t have to pay three or four cheques.


Making life easier is true innovation.

We believe that the option to easily pay on a monthly basis is THE innovation the UAE needs.

100% SAFE

You can be assured your data only comes through government backed identity (UAEPASS) used by UAE Central Bank and goes through the safest possible channels available to us in the UAE.

Manage your monthly Direct Debit payments on the go with our Direct Debit app!

Direct Debit is simply the most convenient way to pay – or receive - regular payments automatically!

If you’re a customer, it means you don't have to worry about missing important payments like school fees, rents, utilities, etc., especially when you’re on holiday or at busy times of the year - or in fact, doing anything other than thinking about your bills! And there's no more risk of late payment charges, being cut off, or worse. If you are not happy, cancel any time with just a few clicks.

If you’re a merchant, landlord or school, Direct Debit facilitates the recurring payment process – there’ll be no more expensive cheques to warehouse or run arounds to deposit and no expensive percentages to pay on credit card payments. It helps with your cashflow as monthly payments reduce failed payments and enormous cost saving as automating your account receivable function will become part of your much needed digital transformation.

And here’s a big bonus for everyone: it creates win/win for both payer & payee.

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How does it work?

Citizens & Residents of UAE

Avoid getting into debt

96.4% of UAE population is monthly salaried yet rents & school fees are mostly paid quarterly mostly therefore creating an imbalance in household budgets.

Freedom to cancel Direct Debit at any time

You are free to cancel your Direct Debit at any time with a few clicks. However, it is always advised to adhere to terms of your merchant contracts.

Peace of mind with Direct Debit

You have peace of mind as Direct Debit system is regulated by UAE Central Bank & all merchants are scrutinized and approved by UAE Central Bank to take DD payments from you.

Convenience & control

All your outgoings get aligned with your incomings. This alignment give you better control over your finances.

Security of your personal data

All data related to you are held at Dubai Data Centre which means they are compliant with DESC(Dubai Electronic Security Center) . No use of your data is permissible other than Direct Debits.

Save a tree - Go paperless

By opting for paperless Direct Debit you can not only use UAEPASS (UAE's only digital identity) to safeguard yourself from identity theft but saving on paper means you help the merchant reduce costs and contribute to UAE's vision to become paperless.